It’s 4:45am, you are snuggled up in bed enjoying a well-deserved rest after a tough day, and your alarm isn’t set to go off until 6:30.  All of a sudden, “Meow…. MEOW….. MEEEEOOOOW!”  your sleep is rudely cut short by a caller just outside your door.  


Sound familiar?  I suspect this occurs fairly frequently in a number of reader’s households, but you don’t have to keep suffering!  Read on to see how to curb this annoying behavior displayed by your favorite feline companion.


First things first, why is your kitty serenading you at this awful hour in the first place?  Well the answer is pretty simple, they are awake and want to share in your company.  Since they don’t have a job and will spend the majority of the day napping anyhow, they couldn’t care less that the sun won’t be rising for hours yet.

How to Turn off the 'Meow' Alarm

Now, how have you responded in the past? Did you ask them politely (or scream) to be please be quiet?  Perhaps you threw something at the closed door in the hopes it encouraged them to move off.  Or did you wait until you thought you might go insane, then give in and open the door up just so you could sleep for another hour or so in silence?  All of the responses equal the same thing, attention paid to kitty after their yowling fest, and any sort of attention paid to this behaviour will mean that it is repeated in the hopes of more attention coming their way, even if it is not of the most positive type.


So, there is only one thing you can do to get Felix to stop cat calling in the morning.  Ignore, ignore, ignore.  Buy a pair of earplugs, put a scratch guard of some description on the door and do not respond to any attempts to get inside your room when the entrance is shut.  It’s not going to be quick or easy, in fact you’ll probably notice an increase in the length and decibel level of kitty’s attempts to get in before they give up for good.  Stay strong my friends, it’s worth it in the end!


Please do keep in mind however that your cat, no matter how smart the little cutie is, cannot read the calendar.  If choose to ignore kitty during the week, you can’t allow them to get away with this behavior on the weekends.  If you want an occasional snuggle in bed with Ms. Princess Floofypants make sure you leave your bedroom door open that night, or let her in before she starts the caterwauling.